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Yamaha Mio, Underbound Thailand Style

Let’s see one more Yamaha Mio modification concept introduced by Julianto on This could be an alternatif for modifiying your Mio. It’s style looks like Thailand underbound style.

gambar modifikasi yamaha mio


To alter Mio’s cute legs, he change it’s wheel using 2.15-14 stainless wheel which tandemed with Yoko 70/80-14 tyre. It change his Mio’s look more macho as you can see on the pic.

foto modifikasi yamaha mio buntut yamaha mio

Shock Breaker

Julianto change his Mio’s rare shcok breaker with monoshock one. While for the front one, he use up side down style. Further more, he change the disc brake with a larger one.

Front Lamp

To make the front looks agree with the leg, he change the front lamp using Nouvo Z’s lamp.

modifikasi lampu depan yamaha mio, front lamp


Color: Orange Pastel, Spies Hecker. Julianto ask Bil’s Hot Paint, one of Malang Brusher, to do this.

stripping mio cantik


Inside the engine, he use Thailand Shindengan CDI Racing.

CVT Cover

modifikasi cvt cover yamaha mio

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